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Counties Manukau reign supreme at Bayleys National Sevens

In a stunning double effort, Counties Manukau have been crowned with both the men’s and women’s championship titles at the 2017 Bayleys National Sevens at Rotorua International Stadium today.

It’s a back-to-back championship win for the men who held off a determined Waikato but in the end held on for a 14-7 win.

The Counties Manukau women won their first ever title beating defending title holders Manawatu 24-17.

The Women’s Cup Final was an intense encounter between the two sides who had strong form in the pool stages of the tournament. Counties Manukau struck early with points in the first half thanks to two tries from Portia Woodman and one from Renee Wickliffe. Counties Manukau led 19-0 at the break.

Woodman dotted down for her third try early in the second half before Manawatu started a come-back led by Sarah Goss and Kristina Sue who scored two tries. Desperation and ill-discipline seeped into the final minutes of the game, with both teams copping yellow cards – at one stage with Manawatu playing with six and Counties Manukau playing with five players.

The men’s Final was a close-fought battle with both teams heading into the half time with a try apiece for a 7-7 half time score.

Showing how close the teams were, Counties Manukau only managed to get ahead thanks to a converted try with two minutes on the clock.

The two-day National Sevens tournament was the season finale with a total 16 men’s teams and 12 women’s teams qualifying from regional tournaments held last year.

FULL DAY One Results from Rotorua International Stadium
Men’s Draw / RESULTS:
F/T: Waikato 24 v 14 Southland
F/T: Hawkes Bay 31 v 07 North Harbour
F/T: Northland 24 v 07 South Canterbury
F/T: Counties Manukau 26 v 07 Manawatu
F/T: Bay Of Plenty 17 v 19 Canterbury
F/T: Taranaki 19 v 28 Tasman
F/T: Wellington 36 v 07 Horowhenua Kapiti
F/T: Auckland 19 v 12 Otago
F/T: Waikato 12 v 12 North Harbour
F/T: Hawkes Bay 24 v 21 Southland
F/T: Northland 33 v 05 Manawatu
F/T: Counties Manukau 55 v 00 South Canterbury
F/T: Taranaki 33 v 05 Canterbury
F/T: Bay Of Plenty 28 v 17 Tasman
F/T: Wellington 17 v 10 Otago
F/T: Waikato 28 v 05 Hawkes Bay
F/T: Auckland 40 v 12 Horowhenua Kapiti
F/T: North Harbour 21 v 14 Southland
F/T: Northland 14 v 15 Counties Manukau Steelers
F/T: Manawatu 29 v 12 South Canterbury
F/T: Bay Of Plenty 17 v 21 Taranaki
F/T: Tasman 17 v 14 Canterbury
F/T: Otago 29 v 12 Horowhenua Kapiti
F/T: Wellington 07 v 12 Auckland
Women’s Draw:
F/T: Counties Manukau 40 v 05 Taranaki
F/T: Canterbury 27 v 00 Tasman
F/T: Wellington 41 v 00 Hawke’s Bay Rugby Union
F/T: Bay Of Plenty 24 v 19 Auckland Rugby
F/T: Manawatu 33 v 05 Harbour Rugby
F/T: Waikato 12 v 12 Otago Rugby
F/T: Counties Manukau 45 v 00 Tasman Rugby Union
F/T: Canterbury 24 v 10 Taranaki Rugby
F/T: Wellington 00 v 31 Auckland
F/T: Bay Of Plenty 42 v 05 Hawkes Bay
F/T: Manawatu 20 v 10 Otago
F/T: Waikato 24 v 10 North Harbour
F/T: Tasman 34 v 05 Taranaki
F/T: Counties Manukau 35 v 12 Canterbury
F/T: Auckland 43 v 00 Hawkes Bay
F/T: Wellington 00 v 33 Bay Of Plenty
F/T: Manawatu 17 v 12 Waikato
F/T: Otago 38 v 12 North Harbour
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Day TWO of the Bayleys National Sevens!

Men’s Bowl Quarter Finals:
F/T: North Harbour 19 v 12 South Canterbury
F/T: Otago 17 v 26 Bay of Plenty
F/T: Canterbury 19 v 00 Horowhenua Kapiti
F/T: Manawatu 29 v 19 Southland

Men’s Cup Quarter Finals:
F/T: Waikato 12 v 07 Northland
F/T: Auckland 17 v 22 Taranaki
F/T: Tasman 10 v 14 Wellington
F/T: Counties Manukau 22 v 00 Hawkes Bay

Men’s Shield Semi Finals:
F/T: South Canterbury 07 v 31 Otago
F/T: Horowhenua-Kapiti 12 v 17 Southland

Men’s Bowl Semi Finals:
F/T: North Harbour 00 v 33 Bay of Plenty
F/T: Canterbury 36 v 17 Manawatu

Men’s Plate Semi Finals:
F/T: Northland 05 v 14 Auckland
F/T: Tasman 14 v 07 Hawkes Bay

Men’s Cup Semi Finals:
F/T: Waikato 24 v 07 Taranaki
F/T: Wellington 12 v 15 Counties Manukau

Men’s Shield Final:
F/T: Otago 28 v 00 Southland

Men’s Bowl Final:
F/T: Bay of Plenty 19 v 14 Canterbury

Men’s Plate Final:
F/T: {after Extra Time} Auckland 28 v 21 Tasman

Men’s Cup Final:
F/T: Waikato 07 v 14 Counties Manukau Steelers

Women’s Cup Quarter Final:
F/T: Manawatu 26 v 10 Wellington
F/T: Bay of Plenty 00 v 19 Waikato
F/T: Counties Manukau 24 v 07 Otago
F/T: Auckland 17 v 05 Canterbury

Women’s Bowl Semi Final:
F/T: Tasman 15 v 00 Hawkes Bay
F/T: North Harbour 17 v 22 Taranaki

Women’s Plate Semi Finals:
F/T: Wellington 17 v 19 Canterbury
F/T: Bay of Plenty 33 v 05 Otago

Women’s Cup Semi Finals:
F/T: Manawatu 12 v 07 Auckland
F/T: Waikato 00 v 33 Counties Manukau

Women’s Bowl Final
F/T: {after Extra Time} Tasman 19 v 24 Taranaki

Women’s Plate Final
F/T: Canterbury 12 v 17 Bay of Plenty

Women’s 7th and 8th Play Off:
F/T: Wellington 21 v 19 Otago

Women’s 3rd and 4th Play Off:
F/T: Auckland 28 v 05 Waikato

Women’s Cup Final:
F/T: Manawatu 17 v 24 Counties Manukau



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