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Norton Adds Crypto Mining for Gamers to its Latest 360 Update

Antivirus software Norton offers lots of excellent features to help keep you safe, but gamers can also now earn money while using their PC with the latest feature

With a new tool from Norton available to 360 for Gamers users, Kiwi gamers will be able to mine cryptocurrencies while still keeping their computers safe. Subscribers to the Norton 360 service will have access to Crypto2 when it opens in the coming weeks. This feature will allow them to mine cryptocurrency like bitcoin safely and easily while their devices are idle, according to the business.

As gaming and crypto mining begin to take a larger role in people’s digital lives, it’s important we continue to quickly innovate and develop the tools that empower consumers to keep their information, devices and identity safe without interference,” said Gagan Singh, chief product officer of NortonLifeLock.

“We want gamers to use Game Optimizer so they can stay focused on the challenges of their game, not the distraction and risk of cyber threats. We also want to help people put their PC’s idle time to good use with Norton Crypto providing an easy and safe way to mine cryptocurrencies.”

Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have become much more popular as an asset class and form of digital currency. Cryptocurrencies use a technology known as the blockchain to provide secure and trustless transactions without needing a middleman such as a bank or financial institution.

As such, they’ve become a valuable option for fast and secure payments and are now accepted by a wide range of services, including online casino sites and Crypto Poker Sites.

While the attention surrounding digital currencies has been growing steadily over the years, the past few months have seen a frenzy in the news. Cryptocurrencies have recently become a hot topic, with China barring financial institutions from offering any cryptocurrency-related services, including trading, last month. Many currencies lost value as a result, although it’s still been a great year for anyone holding major coins, as Bitcoin has seen an increase of more than 400% since 2020.

Tesla was in the news this year as the American electric car manufacturer reported that it had invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin. The firm also announced it would be accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for its cars, but due to the environmental impact of bitcoin mining, it stated later on that it was reversing this decision. At the moment, it’s unclear whether this reversal will last, and it’s possible that Bitcoin mining can rely more on renewables in the future.

In other cryptocurrency news, El Salvador’s congress paved the way for the country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender with a new law. The law states that all businesses must accept the cryptocurrency as payment for any kind of offered product or services, provided they have the technology to do so.

Norton’s Game Optimizer, which is available to download and install now, will improve performance while ensuring online security. The service works by confining power-hungry programmes to a single CPU core, allowing as much processing power as possible to be allocated to game performance.

In addition to Crypto2 and Game Optimizer, the company is expanding its Dark Web Monitoring service to include thirteen additional countries. The Dark Web Monitoring feature searches the dark web for gamertags on a constant basis and notifies gamers if their usernames or email addresses are discovered. This is a useful feature as it helps to prevent fraud and makes sure that gamers can keep their details secure.

If you’re a PC gamer who regularly plays games online, computer security should be important to you. The Norton 360 service is expanding its features to help make sure gamers stay secure while playing and also offers additional benefits with crypto mining capabilities.

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