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Know Your Rugby before Trying it on Screen

Know Your Rugby before Trying it on Screen

Aside from watching rugby and playing in real life, did you know you can also play online? Sports video games are popular all over the world, and although soccer, basketball and American football are more popular, there are also rugby video games you can play. If you want to start enjoying rugby online, you’ll first need to know the basics, as well as the different features to look out for.

Playing a rugby game is a lot different from playing in real life, although the rules are still the same. When playing games, whether typical video games or games at an online casino, you’ll need to know the basics before getting started. Playing rugby online can be a lot of fun, but you should make sure you understand how it works before you begin.

How Online Rugby Works

There are a few different video games based on rugby, and although they’re not as popular as FIFA, they can still be a lot of fun to play. One of the most popular rugby games you can play online is Rugby 20. Developed by Eko Software and published by Bigben Interactive, the game is as close to a real sim of rugby as you can get, with lots of features available to let you play realistic matches.

Rugby online games like Rugby 20 offer both single-player and multiplayer contests, local or online. You’ll be able to choose from the top national teams and biggest leagues, including Top 14, Pro D2, Gallagher Premiership, and Pro 14.

These games also provide tactical depth that faithfully recreate all of the modern game’s complexities. While playing, you can adjust your game strategy, manage your line-out, initiate set moves, locate openings, and offer your team a competitive advantage against the opposition. This is all controlled through different menus before the action is played out on the field. Players take control of their team, with motion captured animations making the game as realistic as possible.

The Basics of Rugby

If you want to start enjoying online rugby, you’ll also need to know the basic rules of the game. Most games will explain these to you in the tutorial, but it still pays to learn and understand them before you start.

Rugby is a sport in which the goal is to carry the ball beyond the goal line of the opposing team and push it to the ground in order to score. The ball is oval-shaped, meaning it doesn’t bounce in an easily predictable manner when it falls to the ground. This means that being able to control the ball is important, and it’s passed from player to player through the hands or by kicking.

When passing through the hands, the ball must always go to a player behind the player who released the ball. Kickers can kick the ball forward, but all passes must be backwards, which is a feature that makes rugby unique and very strategic.

Rugby has its own set of characteristics, but it is fundamentally about the creation and use of space, just like many other sports. The team that can get themselves and the ball into space and use that space intelligently will win a rugby match while denying the opposing team both possession of the ball and access to space in order to use it.

There are different versions of rugby, with the main versions being union and league. The major difference between these is that rugby union features fifteen players while rugby league has thirteen. There are also differences in the scoring and number of substitutions available. In union, scoring a try is worth five points, and a drop goal, or penalty is worth three. In league, tries are worth four points, drop goals are worth one and penalties are worth two. In both codes of rugby, conversions are worth two points.

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