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Conscious Breathing – The relevance of relaxation on prevention, healing and recovery

Conscious Breathing –

The relevance of relaxation on prevention, healing and recovery

“I close my eyes and take a conscious breath! –I accept it fully and feel!

What a massive change when I do it but why and what does it mean for my being, my mental and physical state?”

Conscious breathing can be a very natural state but most people are focused on the outside and never really look consciously to the inside. Usually it happens to us surprisingly or sickness calls for attention until we recover and then we get back to normal!

Breathing is the only body function which happens spontaneously without our attention and human beings can take it over into their control within some regulations. This active part is conscious and connects us to our active decisions and the passive part is unconscious and connects us to the decisions coming from our subconscious mind. So through conscious breathing we can go to the border where consciousness meets sub consciousness and that expands our perspectives in various ways.

You can let your breath become aware and let flow relaxation into our body.

This happens when you let the breath connect to the body and follow in the body´s needs. Your body has the tendency, while not in stress, to get back to the most relaxed state when we allow him consciously to go there.

But why is that important. “I relax when I find time for it later.” That is what I heard a lot of people saying. Procrastination is the word.

Louise Hay says in one of her affirmation recordings:

“The more relaxed you are the healthier you are.”

Here it is where we need to go.

She does not say the more muscles you have or the less weight you have,…

The main parameter is: how relaxed are you in your state of mind which has its impact on your physical body?

When you are relaxed your awareness becomes wide and with it your senses and ability to share. Trust is established and this gives you the space to open yourself with a lot of results:

-it brings you into this moment where your breath can only be noticed and through that you have more clarity of what is going on. That act is preventing yourself from hurting yourself or others.

This I call prevention!

-as well when you are open your blood flow increases in your brain, each organ and in the muscles, your intestinal tract is working properly and with it the sewer system which is important for the elimination of any disease dealt with by your lymphatic system. That means you become far more effective in treating diseases vs. not getting the stuff out of our body efficiently.

And the thing you did differently is you took some conscious breaths.

In terms of recovery and healing, both is always happening within you. You might get support but the healing is yours alone and for optimizing this self healing process a relaxed body is key.

As well as recovery and sleep. You might sleep better when you are having had a calming warm bath and breathe vs watching an adrenalin movie which is taking your breath.

So well even most of these things are logic or you even heard about them, so why are we not doing that?

The reason is we are used to do it all on our own and specifically in these areas of relaxation we have very little knowledge about though it is the thing you should be informed about..

So what can you achieve with conscious breathing

  • You are clearer what leads you do more what you want to do
  • Your breath is calmer than before, that means you exhaust yourself less what makes you even rest and recover throughout your day.
  • You breathe deeper into your belly with the result of you are more present, activate all organs through the gentle movement of your breathe and this permanently activates muscles what makes you leaner.
  • You increase your health
  • You are more rested after a good sleep

Conscious breathing for best performance and prevention

Therefore you probably noticed high performance sportsmen and women close their eyes and take a series of conscious breathes before they start as that way they are able to become fully present and can access their best performance. And I tell you high performers in all walks of life do this.

So why not use it for your best performance and most of all not to hurt yourself. Specifically when you start a practice lot´s of people overdue it because they do not feel that it is too much.

When you are a business man or woman, your performance is the outcome of a negotiation or a meeting. Breathe consciously before the meeting or even better with your meeting partners. They are possibly stressed as you are.

On a interpersonal level two people in this space of conscious breathing are in the same field and harmonize better. In an extended practice they act like one body. This is magic when there is an entire team working on this principal and we have seen it in various occasions where the one team was disconnected and the other one was harmonizing at its best.

Conscious Breathing for healing and recovery

When you have any injury or sickness, conscious breathing is activating your immune system for your self healing. No one ever healed you but you. There is various possibilities to support but healing comes always from within. It also applies a deeper recovery and that is true for your sleep as well which is the natural built in recovery mode.

Conscious Breathing as a high performance and productivity tool

In this space of Conscious Breathing the empathy increases and therefore people feel more connected and comfortable which is the very base for communication what brings more accuracy, less rework, better flow, ect.

This is true for your private as well as your business environment.

When to breathe consciously?

As often as possible which comes with the training and certainly when you need your superpowers in full focus and alert.

Let me help you to master conscious breathing

It is about to make conscious breathing a habit of yours to achieve wide and deep results and I am happy to help you with the right tactics in your life situation.

Contact information

Wolfgang Steiner is an international speaker and lecturer for conscious breathing as well as men circles, 6 year former president of the Austrian Association of breathing coaches. He is experienced as well in developed special events in men groups as well as in breathing coaching in groups or 1 on 1, breathing in nature and he take you up to the mountains.

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