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Keresi Maya Set to Return After a Dramatic Career Change

Rugby is a physical contact sport that requires a lot of strength, and the mental push is almost always at the highest level. Undoubtedly, it gets to a point where the body gets pushed to the max, which can affect your response to certain situations. As a result, mistakes can happen, but you must control yourself. 

We understand how it can get, but you’ll get punished if you can’t control yourself. Rugby is a popular sport that many people follow. The sport has become readily available for those that want to be part of the industry. And if you’re a gambler, you’ll find a betting spread that you can consider. 

However, before starting, you should learn about the sport and check the rules, plus other essential information. In that case, you’ll have enough knowledge of what you need before you can start playing. Besides betting, there is more Rugby, and you can enjoy every single bit as a fan. 

The players work hard to remain competitive. Also, since the sport is hazardous, the career span of an average Rugby player is short. Only a few players have played at the top for over a decade. Therefore, when a player gets the chance to become a pro, they need to stay consistent and avoid anything that will end their career early. 

Unfortunately, young Keresi Maya didn’t do that, and as a result, he is facing an abrupt end to a potentially top career. Many who follow the sport can attribute the incident to a moment of lapse. If Maya had contained himself during that burst, he might have been one of the bright stars in the world today. 

But following the incident and the ban, Keresi Maya is set to return to the sport, but this time, it is different as he is still serving his punishment. Keep reading to learn more. 

The Incident

A 19-year-old Fijian Rugby player with massive dreams of impacting the sport and becoming one of the top players of all time, Keresi Maya lost it on the field in 2020. The Naitasiri loose forward hit Peni Talemaivavalgi, the match’s referee, to the ground after a disagreement ensued following a decision. 

The game takes place in Nausori at Ratu Cakobau Park. Following the assault on the referee, he was left bleeding from a broken nose. The event made global headlines, and it was big news. Since it violated the rules, there was no doubt that punishments would follow the incident, and the 19-year-old might lose his pro status.   

The Punishment and Effect

After the event got to the global rugby headlines, criminal proceedings were leveled against Maya. After the proceedings, Maya was to serve a six-year ban for his actions. Therefore, he would be out of Rugby Union until he was 25. Not playing at the top level for six years would affect his play. 

Before the incident, Maya was about to sign a three-year development contract in the NRL with Cronulla Sharks. However, Cronulla opted out as he was banned for six years. The punishment has left the youngster in a devastating position, and it is clear that returning to the pro level is almost impossible. 

Remorse, Regret, and Career Change

Maya is looking to return to the sport two years after the incident and punishment. However, he can’t play as a pro because he must wait six years and hope to get a contract from any available teams. From various interviews, it is evident that the player was remorseful and even admitted that his career might be over. 

Therefore, his plan to return was to join the Taveuni Rugby Referees Association. Aside from being able to return to the field and be right in the action, Maya can stay up to date with the laws and regulation changes. Also, it can keep him in shape so that when his ban elapses, he can try to return to being a professional player. 

Future Projection and Our Thoughts

An average rugby player spends around seven years as a pro. And with Maya getting a six-year ban, it is difficult to see how the player could return to playing professionally. Many top teams won’t want to gamble on he hasn’t had a top career before the ban. Therefore, we think he is set to have a long career as a referee.

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