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Our Top Eight Rugby Players of All Time

The popularity of Rugby has been on a high trajectory. The sport remains one of the most widely accepted sports in the world. Many people follow the games and various leagues. Once you understand how the game works, it becomes easy to be part of the game. You can pick a team to follow religiously or be one of the casuals. 

Aside from being a fan, you can add Rugby games to your picks and parlays. It gets better if you know how the game works and the top teams that can get good results consistently. Also, there are many competitions that fans can follow from time to time. Undoubtedly, the excitement never stops. 

With the growing popularity of the sport, gambling has become widespread. You can find many markets to try under Rugby. You can try investing on the over under option, the Moneyline market, and many others. It is even more exciting because the more you bet on the sport, the more you’ll know since research is part of the process. 

Rugby has been around for many years. The history is long, and many players have contributed to many top-notch moments. You can tell that more incredible players are coming up and going pro. However, the oldies have held down the fort and made the sport more attractive to fans worldwide. 

In that case, we’ve had some top-notch professionals whose names resonate with fans worldwide. You can tell that these players had some incredible careers, and as a result, they were top picks, just like some active players are top options for Rugby predictions today. Undoubtedly, these players have a place in the history of the sport. 

So, we want to look at some of the best players. These rugby pros had incredible careers, and the records show it. So, without wasting time, check out our top seven rugby players of all time. 

Richie McCaw

Everyone that follows rugby would have heard the name Richie McCaw. He remains many people’s pick for the all-time best player in rugby. We can’t deny that this player has had an impactful time playing the sport. 

He is a World Cup-winning captain, and he didn’t just do it once; he did it twice. Also, he was rugby player of the year on three different occasions. Undoubtedly, McCaw is one of the greatest rugby players of all time. 

Dan Carter

Following McCaw on our list is Dan Carter of New Zealand. Carter remains the highest points scorer in a test match. He is also rated as the greatest first-five eighth ever. Throughout his career, Carter got 1,442 points in 100 caps for the All Blacks. He also played for the Crusaders, getting 1,581 points in 128 caps. He was also player of the year on two occasions.   

Brian O’Driscoll

When it comes to outside centers in rugby, Brian O’Driscoll is regarded as one of the best. O’Driscoll was a top professional Ireland rugby union player. He captained the team between 2003 and 2012. He also played for Leinster, and following his illustrious career, he is the highest try scorer in the history of international rugby. 

Jonah Lomu

New Zealand has had many players, and one of the best in their history is Jonah Lomu. He is regarded as the biggest draw in rugby union throughout his career. Lomu had an illustrious career that earned him a place in the IRB Hall of Fame in 2011. He is considered one of the best international rugby players even though he never won a World Cup. 

David Campese

Regarding fullbacks and wingers in rugby, David Campese is one of the best to grace the rugby pitch. The Australian earned over 300 points for the Wallabies and was also inducted into the IRB Hall of Fame in 2013. Also, he was already a Hall of Famer for the Australian Rugby Union in 2007. 

Michael Jones

Another great rugby player name on our list is Michael Jones. He is an incredible player representing the New Zealand All Blacks and one of the most successful flankers. Jones’s career was so good that he was voted the third greatest All-Black of the 20th century. And he was added to the Rugby Hall of Fame in 2003.  

Jonny Wilkinson

The English hero of 2003, Jonny Wilkinson, will always be remembered for his late-minute drop goal in extra time to secure the win for England in the World Cup final against Australia. In addition, he is the first player to score points in multiple Rugby World Cup finals. Undoubtedly, he remains one of our greatest players

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