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Rugby Works Wonders On The Glutes

Rugby is a sport that brings a lot of great benefits since it exercises the entire body and legs, favoring stability and control. It helps prevent injuries and, at the same time, you do cardio, so you also lose weight. It also improves endurance and mental speed. It is a complete form of fitness.

Athletes work with their weight to train to play rugby, a trend that is increasingly recommended, as is the case with TRX or calisthenics. Work with machines is devalued in favor of free weights since the former are made for a specific type of person. Like reviewing sports odds, it’s also a form of entertainment that many find enjoyable. You’re already preparing to play rugby without even knowing it.

That Gym Routine Sets You Up For Rugby

Without realizing it, in the gym, we already practice exercises similar to rugby. They are push-ups and pull-ups in all their variables that put a lot of emphasis on abdominal work. The only thing left is to add fifteen players per team and the adrenaline of contact.

Many interval exercises are used in training that includes direction changes and decision-making. Changes in the center of gravity by mixing sprints with going to the ground, sprints with jumps, or sprints with knocking down a tackle tube and quickly standing up. 

In a small space like the gym, they can be replaced by burpees, which are very applicable to rugby. One of his mantras is going to the ground and getting up quickly for the following action. Strength is increased by Olympic lifts, squats with variations, deadlifts, bench presses, and pulling patterns such as the row with one limb or both.

It’s Child’s Play

In addition to being an excellent option for adults, children can also benefit from rugby. There are a number of advantages and skills they can receive on the field. 

It’s A Team Sport

The fact of practicing as a team, as opposed to individual sports, gives children the feeling of belonging to a peer group. And more than in any other sport, in rugby, the team is more important than the sum of the individual players.

The little ones generate bonds and friendships by practicing a team sport. Anyone who has played rugby at some point in their life will tell you that rugby friends are for life.

This socialization through sports will be one of the pillars of their future fulfillment as an adult. Rugby gives you the confidence to feel like an essential peer group member. This security will accompany him for the rest of his life and manifest through his self-esteem and self-confidence.

Discipline Becomes Natural

Rugby is a contact sport, so it has often been judged from ignorance as a brutal or dangerous sport. However, it is one of the sports in which discipline is worked the most.

Both coaches and players assume the values ​​of rugby from the beginning. These values ​​tell us about respect for teammates, referees, and opponents.

Lack of discipline is penalized. Achievements are promoted based on fair play and training. For both things, discipline is an essential condition.

Respect For Diversity

In rugby, there is room for all kinds of players. There is a function for each skill and for each body type. Both the tall and the short, the skinny and the fat play and are necessary. Each one brings their particularity to the team, and everyone is welcome.

In addition, both boys and girls play rugby – tall or short, the fastest and the slowest. This makes rugby an inclusive sport, and inclusion is synonymous with respect.  

Rugby is a sport that can be played by all kinds of people. But it is not an easy sport; it requires effort. Training tactics, resistance, strength, speed, reflexes, and more are necessary.

Most of the children who try rugby decide to stay because of the welcoming atmosphere that is generated in the teams. After that, the motivation begins to take effect.

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