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Best Nostalgic Rugby Video Games To Check Out in 2024

Most rugby fans like to explore the world of rugby video games available. This genre is known to be limited. Even though there aren’t that many amazing rugby video games, when you look back in history, you’ll find some hidden pearls. Here, you can learn more about some of the iconic and nostalgic rugby video games that you need to check out in 2024.

This year’s six nations are upon us, and rugby is all around. It’s the time when you’ll probably want to fill your pastime with everything rugby-related. Despite rugby being a major sport in many places in the world, there aren’t a lot of great rugby video games. In fact, rugby games are specifically known to be quite horrendous compared to other types of sports games. Many sports fans love to play sports video games when they’re not watching games, so there is an abundant selection of sports games out there. Today, there are even casino sports games for those who love to bet and play sports games. On popular casino sites like the Casino Days website, you’ll find a wide selection of casino games in all genres. If you’re looking for a more traditional rugby game where you can truly walk down memory lane while playing some of the few mentionable rugby games, you should try one of the great games on this list.

Rugby World Cup 95

Rugby World Cup 95 is a game by Electronic Arts highly inspired by their FIFA success. After FIFA, they wanted to do a rugby version, which became Rugby World Cup 95. It’s a truly nostalgic Mega Drive exclusive that will take you straight back to the 90s. It has many of the same qualities as FIFA, so if you’re a fan of an old-school rugby version of the popular game, you’ll probably enjoy this one.

Jonah Lomu Rugby

Another completely iconic game is Jonah Lomu Rugby from 1997. It’s a classic when we’re talking old-school rugby games, and for the nostalgic type, it is still quite playable today. It has all the big squads represented and a somewhat cartoonish style to it. Also, there are some sound effects and commentators that almost make the game in themselves.

NRL Mascot Mania

There are few things that are as nostalgic as the cool Nintendo DS games. NRL Mascot Mania is one of the rugby Nintendo games that are worth remembering. In the Australia-exclusive game, you’ll find various mascots and playing cards that you collect in the game’s many mini-games. It’s more of an arcade-ish game that will bring you right back to childhood than a strategic gameplay kind of game.

Flick Nations Rugby

A newer game that’s still quite old in the world of video games is the 2012 game Flick Nations Rugby. This iOS/Android game is beyond simple. All you have to have to do is kick the ball by swiping up on your screen. The kick will get harder and harder as you progress in the game. There will be more wind and trickier angles as you try to beat your own score. Even though this is a really simple game, it’s one that will most likely capture your attention and entertain you for as long as you like.

Besides these nostalgic games, you’ll also find newer and more advanced rugby games. Some of the major franchise games are Rugby 23, Rugby Nations 23 and Rugby Seven 23. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy more advanced gameplay and better graphics, but you won’t get the same nostalgic retro feel that the timeless old rugby games can give you.

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