The Māori All Blacks, previously called the New Zealand Māori, are a rugby union team from New Zealand. A representative team of the New Zealand Rugby Union, a prerequisite for playing in the team is that the player has Māori whakapapa (genealogy). In the past this rule was not strictly applied; non–Māori players who looked Māori were often selected in the team. These included a few Pacific island players and a couple of African descent. Today all players have their ancestry verified before selection in the team.

The team’s first match was in 1888 against Hawke’s Bay. This was followed by a tour of Europe in 1888 and 1889 where the team played their first games against national teams, beating Ireland in Dublin before losing to Wales and England. Their early uniforms consisted of a black jersey with a silver fern and white knickerbockers. The New Zealand Māori perform a haka—a Māori challenge or posture dance—before each match. The haka was later adopted by the New Zealand national team, the All Blacks, as were their black shirts. In 2001, the Māori first performed the “Timatanga” haka, which describes the evolution of life and the creation of New Zealand from the four winds.

Since being given official status in 1910, the New Zealand Maori have selected some of rugby union’s great players, including fullback George Nepia who played 46 games for New Zealand from 1924–30, halfback Sid Going who played 86 matches for his country and former New Zealand captain Tane Norton, who represented New Zealand in 61 games, including 27 tests, and later became president of the New Zealand Rugby Union.

The 1910 Maori Team in Australia
and New Zealand

Match Record

In Australia:
June 6 – 1910 vs New South Wales at Sydney Lost 00 to 11
June 8 – 1910 vs New South Wales at Armidale Drew 6 to 6
June 11 – 1910 vs Queensland at Brisbane Won 13 to 8
June 15 – 1910 vs Northern Branch at Newcastle Drew 6 to 6
June 18 – 1910 vs New South Wales at Sydney Lost 13 to 27
June 22 – 1910 vs Western Branch at Bathurst Won 12 to 8
June 25 – 1910 vs American Universities at Sydney Won 14 to 11
June 27 – 1910 vs American Universities at Sydney Won 21 to 3
June 29 – 1910 vs Central-Southern at Goulburn Won 40 to 3
July 2 – 1910 vs Victoria at Melbourne Won 32 to 5
July 5 – 1910 vs Victoria at Melbourne Won 50 to 11
total 207 to 99

In New Zealand
May 21 – 1910 vs Rotorua Sub-Union at Rotorua Won 25 to 5
May 25 – 1910 vs Auckland at Auckland Lost 6 to 14
May 28 – 1910 vs Bay of Plenty XV at Rotorua Won 26 to 8
July 13 – 1910 vs Southland at Invercargill Lost 3 to 6
July 16 – 1910 vs Otago at Dunedin Won 17 to 8
July 20 – 1910 vs Wellington at Wellington Drew 8 to 8
July 23 – 1910 vs Manawatu-Horowhenua at Palmerston North Won 15 to 6
July 30 – 1910 vs Auckland at Auckland Won 8 to 6
Total 108 to 61
Grand Total 315 to 160
Summary :
In Australia: Played 11 ; Won 7 ; Drew 2 ; Lost 2
In New Zealand: Played 8 ; Won 5 ; Drew 1 ; Lost 2

The 1910 Maori Team in Australia
and New Zealand
Fullbacks: Province:
T. Eruera* Auckland
H. Martin Taranaki
A. Takarangi (Capt.) Wanganui
Three-quarters: Province:
R. I. Dansey Otago
H. Harrison Auckland
R. Nuku* South Auckland
H. Rawhiri Horowhenua
G. Rogers South Auckland
C. Ryland Poverty Bay
M. Winiata Horowhenua
Five-eights: Province:
S. Clark* Auckland
A. P. Kaipara Poverty Bay
R. Pitihira Manawatu
J. W. Stead Southland
Half-backs: Province:
S.M.J. Piki Canterbury
H. Poamanga Auckland
Forwards: Province:
W. Burnett Poverty Bay
W. Cunningham Auckland
T. A. Grace* South Auckland
J. H. Hall Auckland
J. Martin Taranaki
B. Moffitt* Auckland
M. Paratana Poverty Bay
W. Rua* South Auckland
J. Sciascia (“Hiahia”) Horowhenua
G. M. V. Sellars Auckland
D. Small Southland
H. Tamu Taranaki
C. Tipene Otago
P. Warbrick Auckland
W. Winiata Horowhenua
Manager Province:
Mr.W.T.Parata South Auckland
* = only played in New Zealand