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2016 Mitre10 Heartland Championship OVERALL Scoring Stats (after 3 Rounds)


After another great weekend of Heartland Rugby we can now start crunching the numbers after 3 weeks and the numbers are staggering !

How much entertainment do we get …..  Plenty … after 18 matches we are seeing on average 8 tries being scored in every game with 73 points averaged out over the these matches, but more importantly we are seeing great running rugby with 48 Tries every weekend so far which works out to be 8 tries per game.

James Lash is leading the pack early on with 54 points in the first 3 matches consisting of 5 Tries , 9 Conversions , 2 penalties and so far the only Drop Goal of the season  which got them the late victory in week 2 over Mid Canterbury 34-32 .

The Current Scoring Stats are as follows: (collated by

Average Per Round (3 Rounds played) Per.Game
Tries 144 48 8
Conversions 92 30.67 5.11
Penalties 24 8 1.33
Drop Goals 1 0.33 0.06
Penalty Try (conversions) 3 1.00 3
Total Points per game (18 games) 73.00
2016 Mitre10 Heartland Champions OVERALL Scoring Stats ( after 3 Rounds)
Tries Province Conversions Province
James Lash 5 Buller Dane Whale 12 Wanganui
Te Rangatira Waitokia 4 Wanganui Josh Casey 10 North Otago
Jarred Percival 4 Mid Canterbury Zac Southen 10 South Canterbury
Viliame Rogavatu 3 South Canterbury James Lash 9 Buller
Troy Tauwhare 3 West Coast Jarred Percival 8 Mid Canterbury
Penalty Tries 3 —- Isaia Vuki 6 Poverty Bay
Michael Nabuliwaqe 3 Wanganui Steve Crosbie 5 Wanganui
Malakai Volau 3 Wanganui Todd Doolan 5 East Coast
Josh Casey 3 North Otago Tim Priest 5 Wairarapa Bush
Gavin Thornbury 3 Wanganui Zayn Tipping 5 King Country
Warwick Lahmert 2 Horowhenua Kapiti Jonnie Te Ruki-Chambers 4 Thames Valley
Trent Reti 2 West Coast Perry Hayman 4 Horowhenua Kapiti
Timoci Nabakeke 2 Mid Canterbury Trent Reti 3 West Coast
Stephan Turner 2 King Country Warwick Lahmert 3 Horowhenua Kapiti
Simon Lilicama 2 North Otago Hayden Wisnoski 2 Thames Valley
Simon Dibben 2 Wanganui Nik Cumming 1 West Coast
Shay Tucker 2 North Otago
Sean Wanden 2 King Country Penalties Province
Rupeni Vakacugu 2 Thames Valley Isaia Vuki 6 Poverty Bay
Ralulu Bovau 2 King Country Tim Priest 4 Wairarapa Bush
Ralph Darling 2 North Otago Perry Hayman 4 Horowhenua Kapiti
Raitube Vasurakuta 2 South Canterbury Zayn Tipping 3 King Country
Mike Lynch 2 Mid Canterbury Todd Doolan 2 East Coast
Max Morris 2 South Canterbury James Lash 2 Buller
Long Fisiioi 2 East Coast Steve Crosbie 1 Wanganui
Kieran Coll 2 South Canterbury Jonnie Te Ruki-Chambers 1 Thames Valley
Jonnie Te Ruki-Chambers 2 Thames Valley Warwick Lahmert 1 Horowhenua Kapiti
James Goodger 2 Wairarapa Bush
Fa’afoi Ioapo 2 Horowhenua Kapiti
Dan Hytongue 2 Buller Drop Goals Province
Cole Baldwin 2 Wanganui James Lash 1 Buller
Zayn Tipping 1 King Country
Zac Guildford 1 Wairarapa Bush OVERALL Points Standings
Tyson Maki 1 Horowhenua Kapiti Player Pts Province
Tremaine Gilbert 1 Wanganui James Lash 54 Buller
Todd Doolan 1 East Coast Jarred Percival 40 Mid Canterbury
Tiaone Ratu 1 South Canterbury Josh Casey 38 North Otago
Tani Misikosi 1 Poverty Bay Isaia Vuki 30 Poverty Bay
Tamati Samuels 1 Poverty Bay Dane Whale 24 Wanganui
Siosiua Moala 1 Poverty Bay Penalty Tries 24 —-
Sione Ngatu 1 Poverty Bay Te Rangatira Waitokia 24 Wanganui
Shay Moseby 1 South Canterbury Jonnie Te Ruki-Chambers 22 Thames Valley
Setafano Sauqaqa 1 Buller Perry Hayman 22 Horowhenua Kapiti
Seta Koroitsmana 1 Mid Canterbury Zayn Tipping 22 King Country
Samu Kubunavanua 1 Wanganui Todd Doolan 20 East Coast
Sam Monaghan 1 Wairarapa Bush Warwick Lahmert 20 Horowhenua Kapiti
Sam Mason 1 King Country Zac Southen 20 South Canterbury
S Wiperi 1 Horowhenua Kapiti Gavin Thornbury 18 Wanganui
Ryan Shelford 1 Horowhenua Kapiti Malakai Volau 18 Wanganui
Roman Tutauha 1 Wanganui Michael Nabuliwaqe 18 Wanganui
Rod Ririnui 1 East Coast Tim Priest 18 Wairarapa Bush
Richard Puddy 1 Wairarapa Bush Trent Reti 18 West Coast
Regan Stanton 1 West Coast Troy Tauwhare 18 West Coast
Ratu Daurua 1 Poverty Bay Viliame Rogavatu 18 South Canterbury
Perry Hayman 1 Horowhenua Kapiti Cole Baldwin 12 Wanganui
Norman Solofa 1 Thames Valley Dan Hytongue 12 Buller
Nik Strahan 1 South Canterbury Fa’afoi Ioapo 12 Horowhenua Kapiti
Nik Cumming 1 West Coast James Goodger 12 Wairarapa Bush
Nick Annear 1 South Canterbury Kieran Coll 12 South Canterbury
Mosese Aho 1 South Canterbury Long Fisiioi 12 East Coast
Matthew Vocea 1 North Otago Max Morris 12 South Canterbury
Matt Posea 1 North Otago Mike Lynch 12 Mid Canterbury
Maleli Mudu 1 West Coast Raitube Vasurakuta 12 South Canterbury
Logan Winter 1 West Coast Ralph Darling 12 North Otago
Logan Bonnington 1 Mid Canterbury Ralulu Bovau 12 King Country
Les Hills 1 Poverty Bay Rupeni Vakacugu 12 Thames Valley
Lemi Masoe 1 North Otago Sean Wanden 12 King Country
Lance Easton 1 Thames Valley Shay Tucker 12 North Otago
Kris Palmer 1 East Coast Simon Dibben 12 Wanganui
Kieron Robinson 1 King Country Simon Lilicama 12 North Otago
Kent McFarlane 1 Thames Valley Stephan Turner 12 King Country
Ken Houkamau 1 Poverty Bay Steve Crosbie 12 Wanganui
Kameli Kuruyabaki 1 Wanganui Timoci Nabakeke 12 Mid Canterbury
Joshua Tuidriva 1 Buller Hayden Wisnoski 10 Thames Valley
Jon Dampney 1 Mid Canterbury Nik Cumming 8 West Coast
John Ika 1 Wairarapa Bush 62 More players on 6pts
John Hale 1 Thames Valley

James Lash of Buller leads the Mitre10 Heartland Championship Points Table after 3 weeks on 54pts (Photo by Kerry Marshall/Getty Images)
James Lash of Buller leads the Mitre10 Heartland Championship Points Table after 3 weeks on 54pts (Photo by Kerry Marshall/Getty Images)
John Dyer 1 South Canterbury
Joe Pickett 1 North Otago
Jayden Milner 1 East Coast
James Grogan 1 Poverty Bay
Isaia Vuki 1 Poverty Bay
Ian Wilson 1 East Coast
Hayden Wisnoski 1 Thames Valley
George Tuala 1 East Coast
Everard Reid 1 Poverty Bay
Devonte Stuart 1 Poverty Bay
David Egelstaff 1 Buller
Craig Clare 1 Wanganui
Conor McCormack 1 South Canterbury
Cameron Hayton 1 Wairarapa Bush
Bryn Hudson 1 Wanganui
Brendon Rigden 1 Mid Canterbury
BJ Sidney 1 East Coast
Ben Bonner 1 Thames Valley
Anthony Tailua 1 Buller
Andrew Smith 1 Wairarapa Bush
Andrew Lima 1 Horowhenua Kapiti
Ace Malo 1 Wanganui




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