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RUGBY: New Zealand Federation Sells All Blacks Shares to American Investors

The New Zealand Rugby Federation (NZR) has agreed to sell parts of the All-Blacks’ commercial rights to US investors. A choice that arouses much criticism and some accuse the authorities of selling the soul of the team.

It’s Official, the New Zealand Federation is Selling All Blacks Shares

The New Zealand Rugby Federation recently agreed plans to sell shares of its All-Blacks brand to American investors, a controversial choice player have yet to accept. “We hardly believe this is an exciting and truly transformative opportunity that can benefit all of the sport for generations to come,” said New Zealand Rugby Federation executive boss Mark Robinson. The New Zealand federation has responded favourably to the proposal of the Silver Lake fund, based in California: $ 280 million to acquire part of the All-Blacks brand, that of the men in black triple world champions, who win eight matches. out of ten and which let off steam, especially among bookmakers. Rugby is so popular around the world that it is very often acclaimed and featured on licensed sports betting sites. Spin Casino New Zealand offers many basic tips to maximize your chances of winning when betting on rugby.

“The Clubs Have Sold Their Soul”

Robinson’s predecessor David Moffett said the clubs will sell their souls in this way. He said Silver Lake, which has a $ 79 billion portfolio of assets, will try to wear down the All-Blacks, even if it means playing them meaningless matches in the United States.

Rugby, New Zealand’s National Pride

However, the All-Blacks are both a historic monument in New Zealand, they are an integral part of the life of the inhabitants and their national pride. “We will see the All-Blacks play more games without interest, which will devalue the most beautiful mark in world rugby,” predicts Moffett. Many All-Blacks fans reacted on the federation’s Facebook page, when the American insurance company AIG announced in 2012 that she would appear on the famous black jerseys. Silver Lake wants to buy 12.5% of the commercial rights and the right to negotiate deals around the world to sell television rights and derivatives. Which would increase the overall commercial value of New Zealand rugby to $ 2.2 billion. The trade issue is very important at a time when the NZR is going through serious financial difficulties. She lost more than 25 million dollars in 2020. For the president of the New Zealand Rugby Federation, Brent Impey, this agreement “represents a revolutionary turning point for rugby”. This is a “unique opportunity to attract business income to enable investment in areas that need it most.” The money will be used in particular to help the provincial federations in difficulty, to develop the female game and the participation of young people, he assured.

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