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Interesting betting opportunities when rugby games resumes

The pandemic never seems to go away and it is tiresome to even mention it.  All rugby games in New Zealand were postponed or cancelled a week ago. Obviously, this doesn’t only concern games in New Zealand, but also other nations and their rugby games in various parts of the world. 

But given that both the UEFA European Football Championship and the Summer Olympic Games managed to be organized, is it not reasonable to think that rugby games can be organized safely as well? Of course, this is for the politicians to decide. 

As we’re waiting for rugby to make a comeback in New Zealand and in other countries, we can take the time to speculate in sports betting. There is a lot more uncertainty these days. But from a sports betting perspective, it’s not all bad. It very well be an opportunity to identify some good betting spots. 

Anyone who is interested in sports betting would benefit from doing some research about the different betting companies operating in New Zealand. Like in all sports markets including rugby, you should at least take note of the odds being offered. Some of the best rugby betting sites include BetWay with an average RTP level of 93.79%, 888sports with 91.28%, William Hill with 91.03%, and lastly, Ladbrokes 90.3%. This shows that overall sports bettors lose money. It is possible to win money in the long run, but it is very rare. You need to be informed in all aspects of the game in order to be successful. You can read about casino online on, but also find good information on how to approach sports betting. 

Upcoming rugby games in other countries

Some action is about to start with a pair of men’s series events combined with women’s fast four tournaments in Canada. For instance, Vancouver on the 18th to 19th September. That will be followed by Edmonton on the 25th to 26th September. 

Unfortunately, the world HSBC Hong Kong sevens will not take place this year as scheduled in November 2021. However, the popular event will return to the series from 1st to 3rd April 2022. In addition, the HSBC Paris Women’s sevens event will not occur, which was due in May 2021. This means that five men’s and two women’s rounds will take place in the final four months of 2021. That will certainly be something to look forward to.



The top sports betting sites always offer a variety of betting options. In rugby you should at least find some basic betting options such as Head-to-head, Double results, Line betting and Winning margin. If you’re new to sports betting, head-to-head betting might be the way to start.

A head-to-head bet involves guessing who will win the match. If you are lucky enough to guess correctly then you are the winner of the game. This type is quite straightforward.

The double result bet is where players bet on the match in which the result has two parts. There are nine possible outcomes: draw/win, draw/draw, draw/lose, win/win, win/draw, win/lose/lose/win, lose/draw, lose/lose. Your bet is successful when you have guessed both halves correctly. 

The leading operators use Line betting to level up the field. What does this mean? This happens when one side is supposed to lead by a margin. To win in this bet, you must guess the difference between the competing teams’ points.

In rugby, there are also special bonuses. These include top life betting, competitive odds, and numerous betting markets. Be sure to stay on the lookout during the season to find bet refund deals and price boosts.


  •   Before you think about betting on a game, make sure you know the rules and regulations.
  •   Research the head-to-head team statistics.
  •   Analyse the team’s tactics and style.
  •   Study the current form of a team.
  •   Look out for the best odds.

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