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Why Online Casinos are Sponsoring Rugby Teams

Online casinos and sportsbooks have increasingly begun to sponsor rugby teams in recent years. There are a variety of sponsorship terms. Sometimes, the casinos can choose to have their logos on the rugby teams’ shirts. Others can choose to become key betting partners. Whichever way, the online casino industry has penetrated the world of sports, including rugby and football.

Several studies have shown that at least half of the international tournaments and club competitions have sponsorships with betting operators. Unlike the football industry where gambling operators penetrated much faster, rugby has been steadier.

The online sports betting and online casino sectors have experienced a lot of growth in the past few years. Part of this expansion can be attributed to the introduction of new games by online casinos. For instance, casino players can play Book of Dead on Kiwislots and other games like live dealing, online slot machines, and online poker.

Nevertheless, the need to develop is high and cannot be bypassed. Rugby has a lot of viewership, and the online gambling industry needs that audience. The sport has grown to countries like Japan, and even the US established Major League Rugby a few years back. It is more likely for a sports lover to engage in betting, even for added excitement.

This article will discuss many reasons why online casinos are sponsoring Rugby teams.


Reasons the Online Gambling Industry is Vying for Rugby Sponsorships

  • A Key Sporting Audience can be Reached

The relationship between rugby teams and gambling firms is symbiotic because money flows between both ends. Nevertheless, betting operators utilize sponsorships to reach a key sporting audience.

Rugby is a prevalent sport in countries like New Zealand. A significant portion of rugby’s viewers are men, and the gambling industry targets males from 18 years. This way, potential bettors get enticed, solidifying the firm’s business standing.

Even though men love rugby, some females also enjoy watching the sport—additionally, some women like betting on sporting events. Rugby team sponsorships offer bookmakers the opportunity to attract these females too.

  • Popularizing the Sportsbook’s Brand

Big gambling companies utilize rugby sponsorship as a means of popularizing their brands. One of the most noticeable things about a team is its jersey. Having the company’s name on the front of a rugby team’s shirt increases its brand reach significantly.

Depending on the popularity and success of the team being sponsored, millions of fans will purchase the jerseys. Every fan that dons the purchased jersey will practically boost the brand’s awareness.

  • It Boosts the Chances of Getting Fresh Casino Players and Sports Bettors

Sports betting is already widespread, owing to the advent of online bookmakers. That popularity has allowed these betting firms to become top-notch businesses. Because of this, rugby clubs are encouraged to get into partnerships with top gambling firms.

These partnerships signify the start of mutual gain between the two parties. The rugby clubs get money from the sponsorships, and the sponsors gain a stream of new customers from the rugby club’s many fans.

Some gambling firms pool their casino services with sports bookmaking. Rugby clubs with millions of fans get picked as the favorites when bettors want to wager. The best way to attract the market on bets like these is to sponsor the popular teams on which fans bet. Naturally, lovers of the rugby team will be predisposed to supporting the sponsor, bringing in new business.

The love for sports betting could also draw them to the online casino games on the website. This way, the online casino wins on both ends.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is the act of giving back to the community on which you grow. Big firms and betting companies worldwide all practice it.

Gambling firms engage in corporate social responsibility when they sponsor rugby teams. When the workers of a firm volunteer for community work, the members of such a community will tend to patronize the business more. This also applies to betting companies. The government also enjoys tax revenue from sponsors. This allows all the stakeholders to benefit from the act of sponsorships.



Sportsbooks and online casinos have begun to sponsor rugby teams in recent years because rugby viewership has extended beyond countries like Ireland and Australia to nations like Japan and the US.

Online casinos sponsor rugby teams for many reasons. They include engaging in corporate social responsibility, getting fresh casino players and bettors, reaching a new audience and improving brand awareness.

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