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The 3 most popular sports in New Zealand

Sports are popular all over the world, and there are many great reasons why so many people love to play and watch sports. Sports bring people together and create a sense of community. Sports create great experiences, and sports are a lot of fun to play and watch. One place where sports are also loved is New Zealand.

Kiwis love sports in many forms, and there are many great traditions associated with different sports in New Zealand. Some sports are more popular than others, and the Kiwis can be very passionate about their favourite sports. If you enjoy watching sports but you can’t attend in person just yet, we can recommend you to visit some of the popular betting sites where you can watch and bet live on your favourite sport. To make your life easier, we have selected some of the best online casinos in NZ.

If you keep reading the article below, you can find some interesting  information about three of the most popular sports in New Zealand.

    1. Rugby

Rugby is considered to be the national sport in New Zealand. For many Kiwis, rugby is not just a sport, it is so much more than that. It is tradition, it is a community, and it is almost like a cult. If there is any sport that brings people together in New Zealand, it is rugby. New Zealand’s national rugby team is called All Blacks, and they have the best winning record of any national rugby team in the world. They have won the Rugby World Cup three times and are one of the best national rugby teams in the world. A fun fact is that before every match, the All Blacks perform the traditional dance ‘Haka’ in front of their rivals in order to cause fear.

    1. Cricket

Another popular sport in New Zealand is cricket, and cricket is actually the national summer sport in the country. Cricket is very similar to baseball because the sport includes a bat and a ball, and you have to hit the ball with the bat in order to score runs and points. Cricket matches are played between two teams of eleven players on each team. During the summer, millions of Kiwis are gathering in big stadiums to watch their favourite cricket team play. Even though the national cricket team is not as successful as the national rugby team, people in New Zealand still enjoy watching them play during the summer.

    1. Netball

One of the most popular sports amongst women in New Zealand is netball. The sport is not as popular as rugby or cricket, but it is very popular amongst women, and the women teams are also the most successful in New Zealand.

The national team in New Zealand is called the Silver Ferns, and they are one of the best national netball teams in the world alongside the Australian national team. Netball is similar to basketball, but netball has a much different pace than basketball. For example, in netball you can only possess the ball for three seconds before you have to pass it on, and you have to stay in certain areas on the field during the match.

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