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How is technology shaping the future of rugby?

Rugby is a truly modern game and a very popular sport in New Zealand. This can be seen in how new competitions like the Heartland Championship have been established over time. Another major factor is how rugby has brought the best technology into the game recently. This has not only helped rugby be seen as a modern sport to enjoy but also helped bring about improvements to the sport itself.

The adoption of tech into rugby has certainly come on in the last few decades and it is likely to carry on as time moves ahead. But just how is tech shaping rugby’s future?

 Online casinos and sports betting key

 It is clear for all to see that technology in general has helped shape the future of many industries lately. Classic examples are gambling and sports betting. Both of these sectors have made moves towards a more online way of operating, using tech such as the internet. This has allowed online casinos to flourish and has seen a wide choice of safe platforms establish themselves. As these Rizk NZ casino bonuses show, these internet-based casinos have a lot going for them!

But how has tech such as this shaped rugby’s future? In simple terms, the popularity of rugby-themed slots at internet casinos has shown more people than ever how much fun the sport is and exposed a lot more people to it than before. This has helped make rugby more popular and it looks set for more growth in future. Online sportsbooks have also had a similarly positive impact on the future of rugby and helped the sport not only make games more exciting and reach more fans but also bring bettors into the game who did not follow it before.

GPS tech widely seen now

 Although it might not be a brand-new tech within the sport, GPS is still a key element that is shaping the future of the game. This now includes wearable GPS technology that monitors players in every match or training session.

The data this technology captures is analysed by coaches to keep track of fitness levels, general performance, yards made, catches bagged and even to help prevent injuries. Not only can GPS tech help give valuable insights into individual players but it can also give coaches wider data with which to tweak team strategies. When you consider the sheer scope of what it can do, there is no doubt that GPS tech has transformed the future of rugby as a whole.

Smart boot technology is a game-changer

 There many sports in New Zealand people love to follow but rugby is arguably number one. Tech has helped greatly here, and the technology in the kit players use or wear is vital. It is no overstatement to say that the materials and features that modern kit contains is astounding. One great example of this is smart boots, which many players turn out in.

These boots essentially adapt to the playing conditions and ensure the person wearing them can perform at their best in any conditions. The neat thing here is that the tech in the boot does all the work and leaves players free to get on with the game, unhindered. If a sudden rainstorm comes on in play, for example, smart boots will extend their studs further into the turf to facilitate better traction.

Next-gen camera tech for referees

 As a sport, rugby has used the latest camera tech for a while when making decisions on close calls in games. High-end camera tech for referees, though, is another example of how technology like this is shaping rugby’s future.

This sees a HD camera fitted to a headset the referee wears, which then feeds real-time footage of play from the referee’s viewpoint. Benefits of this include viewers getting a new perspective on the game and also another angle to clear up close game calls. This tech can also help to improve referees’ performances over time, by providing in-game footage to review and critique.

Technology is helping rugby move ahead

 Technology and sport are not always happy bedfellows – you only have to look at the farce that is VAR in football’s English Premier League for proof of this! It is key to remember, though, that tech is actually very useful for sport when used correctly. If the adoption and implementation is done well, tech in sport can be a great thing. As rugby shows, the right tech used in the right way can actually help any sport move towards a very bright future.

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