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2016 Mitre 10 Heartland Championship – Round 8 Stats Preview –


All The Head to Head Stats you need to enjoy week eight of the 2016 Mitre 10 Heartland Championship :

Heartland Championship: Round Eight Preview 

The final round of rugby’s Mitre 10 Heartland Championship on Saturday will have plenty of intrigue. Wanganui look set to finish in top spot, unbeaten in seven games so far, but other than that the finishing order of top four spots seem wide open. Mid Canterbury’s clash against South Canterbury is crucial for both sides Meads Cup aspirations.

Second placed South Canterbury are slight favourites on form but Mid Canterbury always step up against their Hanan Shield neighbours. Mid Canterbury’s motivation is however simple – lose and the Hammers are likely to slip from third on the table to outside of the top four. A win for South Canterbury or even a four try bonus point will be enough to seal second place and a home semi-final.

Buller and Wairarapa Bush be keeping a close eye on the result in Timaru as well as on each other. If Mid Canterbury lose Buller and Wairarapa Bush could end up tied in third, if both sides manage bonus point wins. The acid will be on Buller to grab four tries against King Country as Wairarapa Bush will easily do it against a easy beats East Coast.

In a twist Wairarapa Bush will know exactly what is on the line before they kick off, with their game scheduled at an unusually late time of 6pm, so the lights at Memorial Park can get a work out.

If they end up tied Buller will have the higher ranking as beat the Wairarapa Bush in round robin play, thanks to a last gasp penalty to first five James Lash. His presence has proved crucial for the country’s smallest union in two games, also sinking Mid Canterbury with a last minute drop goal.

If results go to form South Canterbury seem likely to host Buller while Wanganui, the defending champions, would take on Wairarapa Bush at Cooks Garden in the semis.

Mid Canterbury would have No.1 spot in the Lochore Cup (for teams finishing fifth to eighth) and host Poverty Bay while North Otago would travel to King Country, the defending champions. A surprise Mid Canterbury win over South Canterbury however would see a rematch the following week with Wairarapa Bush likely to drop into the Lochore Cup.

Heartland rugby commentator Terry O’Neill said Wanganui remained the powerhouse of the Heartland Championship, followed by South Canterbury. O’Neill said he expected South Canterbury would be too strong for Mid Canterbury, allowing Buller and Wairarapa to leap frog them.

“The final will Wanganui and South Canterbury.”

O’Neill said what he had noted in 2016 was upsets were no longer common. “I think the smaller unions are getting weaker, there is not the evenness of past seasons.

“Even with the loan players the likes of East Coast and West Coast a latterly North Otago are battling to hang on. “If those sides have injuries there is no depth and they start to go down.”

O’Neill wasn’t sold on the rule changes either. A feature of championship has been the lack of penalty goals taken as under the trial rules they are only worth two points, along with the drop goal, while a try has increased to six.

In the 42 games to date there has been an average of eight tries scored a game but only one penalty. South Canterbury have embraced the new rules are yet to take a penalty shot at goal. The top three championship points scorers also make interesting reading. Lash sits on top with 98 points through seven tries, 24 conversion but only three penalties a drop goal. Mid Canterbury first five Jarred Percival in on 92 points, also with seven tries and 24 conversions but only one penalty. Third on the list is Wanganui fullback Te Rangatira Waitokia with 60 points courtesy of 10 tries.10 tries.

Tries are worth six points, and penalty goals, conversions and drop goals all worth two points. A penalty try will also be worth eight points with no conversion attempt required.

*Note all records below are taken from the inception of the Heartland Championship in 2006.

Full Match ‘Stats’ Breakdown – IE: {16.45 v 20.18} = Average Score since 2006

15 Oct 2.00pm Thames Valley {11th v 8th} Poverty Bay
Boyd Park, Te Aroha
15.Oct 2.30pm King Country {6th v 4th} Buller Owen Delany Park
15 Oct 2.30pm Sth Canterbury {2nd v 3rd} Mid Canterbury Alpine Energy Stadium, Timaru
15 Oct 2.30pm Wanganui {1st v 9th} Horo-Kapiti Cooks Gardens
15 Oct 2.30pm West Coast {10th v 7th} North Otago Rugby Park, Greymouth
15 Oct 6.00pm Wairarapa Bush {5th v 12th} East Coast Memorial Park
Thames Valley {20.30 v 35.50} Poverty Bay
Overall Stats Thames Valley Overall Stats Poverty Bay
ThamesVly_L PovBay_R
Games Played 10 Games Played 10
*Games Won 2 *Games Won 8
*Games Lost 8 *Games Lost 2
Games Drawn 0 Games Drawn 0
*Longest.Winning.Streak 1 *Longest.Winning.Streak 7
*Longest Losing Streak 7 *Longest Losing Streak 1
*Largest Points For 43 *Largest Points For 65
*Largest Points Against 65 *Largest Points Against 43
*Largest.Winning.Margin 9 *Largest.Winning.Margin 62
*Largest Losing Margin -62 *Largest Losing Margin -9
*Total Points For 203 *Total Points For 355
*Avg Points For 20.30 *Avg Points For 35.50
*Total Points Against 355 *Total Points Against 203
*Avg Points Against 35.50 *Avg Points Against 20.30
*Total Points Difference -152 *Total Points Difference 152
*Avg Points Difference -15.20 *Avg Points Difference 15.20
* = By Thames Valley * = By Poverty Bay
*Heartland matches played between Thames Valley and Poverty Bay
29-Aug-15 Poverty Bay 37 – 43 Thames Valley
4-Oct-14 Thames Valley 09 – 17 Poverty Bay
31-Aug-13 Poverty Bay 18 – 27 Thames Valley
6-Oct-12 Thames Valley 29 – 56 Poverty Bay
9-Oct-10 Poverty Bay 45 – 18 Thames Valley
26-Sep-09 Thames Valley 22 – 27 Poverty Bay
13-Sep-08 Poverty Bay 43 – 10 Thames Valley
13-Oct-07 Poverty Bay 65 – 03 Thames Valley
29-Sep-07 Poverty Bay 26 – 23 Thames Valley
26-Aug-06 Thames Valley 19 – 21 Poverty Bay
King Country {20.10 v 23.60} Buller
Overall Stats King Country Overall Stats Buller
KingCtry_L buller_R
Games Played 10 Games Played 10
*Games Won 3 *Games Won 7
*Games Lost 7 *Games Lost 3
Games Drawn 0 Games Drawn 0
*Longest.Winning.Streak 1 *Longest.Winning.Streak 4
*Longest Losing Streak 4 *Longest Losing Streak 1
*Largest Points For 44 *Largest Points For 53
*Largest Points Against 53 *Largest Points Against 44
*Largest.Winning.Margin 39 *Largest.Winning.Margin 24
*Largest Losing Margin -24 *Largest Losing Margin -39
*Total Points For 201 *Total Points For 236
*Avg Points For 20.10 *Avg Points For 23.60
*Total Points Against 236 *Total Points Against 201
*Avg Points Against 23.60 *Avg Points Against 20.10
*Total Points Difference -35 *Total Points Difference 35
*Avg Points Difference -3.50 *Avg Points Difference 3.50
* = By King Country * = By Buller
*Heartland matches played between King Country and Buller
17-Oct-15 Buller 06 – 20 King Country
22-Aug-15 Buller 32 – 20 King Country
6-Sep-14 King Country 29 – 53 Buller
15-Sep-12 Buller 31 – 19 King Country
13-Aug-11 King Country 20 – 34 Buller
9-Oct-10 King Country 44 – 05 Buller
3-Oct-09 King Country 17 – 20 Buller
4-Oct-08 Buller 25 – 08 King Country
6-Oct-07 Buller 24 – 13 King Country
23-Sep-06 Buller 06 – 11 King Country
South Canterbury {18.80 v 22.80} Mid Canterbury
Overall Stats South Canterbury Overall Stats Mid Canterbury
sthCant_L midCant_R
Games Played 10 Games Played 10
*Games Won 3 *Games Won 7
*Games Lost 7 *Games Lost 3
Games Drawn 0 Games Drawn 0
*Longest.Winning.Streak 2 *Longest.Winning.Streak 3
*Longest Losing Streak 3 *Longest Losing Streak 2
*Largest Points For 48 *Largest Points For 34
*Largest Points Against 34 *Largest Points Against 48
*Largest.Winning.Margin 28 *Largest.Winning.Margin 17
*Largest Losing Margin -17 *Largest Losing Margin -28
*Total Points For 188 *Total Points For 228
*Avg Points For 18.80 *Avg Points For 22.80
*Total Points Against 228 *Total Points Against 188
*Avg Points Against 22.80 *Avg Points Against 18.80
*Total Points Difference -40 *Total Points Difference 40
*Avg Points Difference -4.00 *Avg Points Difference 4.00
* = By South Canterbury * = By Mid Canterbury
*Heartland matches played between South Canterbury and Mid Canterbury
22-Aug-15 Mid Canterbury 34 – 17 South Canterbury
11-Oct-14 South Canterbury 07 – 24 Mid Canterbury
21-Sep-13 Mid Canterbury 34 – 27 South Canterbury
20-Oct-12 South Canterbury 48 – 20 Mid Canterbury
13-Oct-12 South Canterbury 17 – 15 Mid Canterbury
10-Sep-11 Mid Canterbury 34 – 22 South Canterbury
9-Oct-10 Mid Canterbury 13 – 15 South Canterbury
24-Oct-09 Mid Canterbury 19 – 17 South Canterbury
5-Sep-09 South Canterbury 13 – 16 Mid Canterbury
7-Oct-06 South Canterbury 05 – 19 Mid Canterbury
Wanganui {38.38 v 19.63} Horowhenua Kapiti
Overall Stats Wanganui Overall Stats Horowhenua Kapiti
Wanganui_L HoroKapiti_R
Games Played 8 Games Played 8
*Games Won 7 *Games Won 1
*Games Lost 1 *Games Lost 7
Games Drawn 0 Games Drawn 0
*Longest.Winning.Streak 6 *Longest.Winning.Streak 1
*Longest Losing Streak 1 *Longest Losing Streak 6
*Largest Points For 76 *Largest Points For 34
*Largest Points Against 34 *Largest Points Against 76
*Largest.Winning.Margin 68 *Largest.Winning.Margin 11
*Largest Losing Margin -11 *Largest Losing Margin -68
*Total Points For 307 *Total Points For 157
*Avg Points For 38.38 *Avg Points For 19.63
*Total Points Against 157 *Total Points Against 307
*Avg Points Against 19.63 *Avg Points Against 38.38
*Total Points Difference 150 *Total Points Difference -150
*Avg Points Difference 18.75 *Avg Points Difference -18.75
* = By Wanganui * = By Thames Valley
*Heartland matches played between Wanganui and Horowhenua Kapiti
22-Aug-15 Horowhenua-Kapiti 34 – 39 Wanganui
30-Aug-14 Wanganui 23 – 34 Horowhenua-Kapiti
5-Oct-13 Horowhenua-Kapiti 24 – 28 Wanganui
1-Sep-12 Wanganui 28 – 10 Horowhenua-Kapiti
10-Sep-11 Wanganui 76 – 08 Horowhenua-Kapiti
4-Sep-10 Horowhenua-Kapiti 16 – 30 Wanganui
12-Sep-09 Wanganui 37 – 28 Horowhenua-Kapiti
2-Sep-06 Wanganui 46 – 03 Horowhenua-Kapiti
West Coast {16.71 v 28.29} North Otago
Overall Stats West Coast Overall Stats North Otago
WestCoast_L nthotago_r
Games Played 7 Games Played 7
*Games Won 1 *Games Won 6
*Games Lost 6 *Games Lost 1
Games Drawn 0 Games Drawn 0
*Longest.Winning.Streak 1 *Longest.Winning.Streak 4
*Longest Losing Streak 4 *Longest Losing Streak 1
*Largest Points For 35 *Largest Points For 67
*Largest Points Against 67 *Largest Points Against 35
*Largest.Winning.Margin 18 *Largest.Winning.Margin 64
*Largest Losing Margin -64 *Largest Losing Margin -18
*Total Points For 117 *Total Points For 198
*Avg Points For 16.71 *Avg Points For 28.29
*Total Points Against 198 *Total Points Against 117
*Avg Points Against 28.29 *Avg Points Against 16.71
*Total Points Difference -81 *Total Points Difference 81
*Avg Points Difference -11.57 *Avg Points Difference 11.57
* = By West Coast * = By North Otago
*Heartland matches played between West Coast and North Otago
22-Aug-15 North Otago 17 – 16 West Coast
5-Oct-13 West Coast 22 – 32 North Otago
7-Aug-11 North Otago 29 – 19 West Coast
31-Oct-09 West Coast 13 – 21 North Otago
17-Oct-09 West Coast 35 – 17 North Otago
30-Aug-08 West Coast 09 – 15 North Otago
19-Aug-06 North Otago 67 – 03 West Coast
Wairarapa Bush {35 v 17} East Coast
Overall Stats Wairarapa Bush Overall Stats East Coast
waibush_L EastCoast_R
Games Played 7 Games Played 7
*Games Won 6 *Games Won 1
*Games Lost 1 *Games Lost 6
Games Drawn 0 Games Drawn 0
*Longest.Winning.Streak 4 *Longest.Winning.Streak 1
*Longest Losing Streak 1 *Longest Losing Streak 4
*Largest Points For 67 *Largest Points For 33
*Largest Points Against 33 *Largest Points Against 67
*Largest.Winning.Margin 44 *Largest.Winning.Margin 20
*Largest Losing Margin -20 *Largest Losing Margin -44
*Total Points For 245 *Total Points For 122
*Avg Points For 35.00 *Avg Points For 17.43
*Total Points Against 122 *Total Points Against 245
*Avg Points Against 17.43 *Avg Points Against 35.00
*Total Points Difference 123 *Total Points Difference -123
*Avg Points Difference 17.57 *Avg Points Difference -17.57
* = By Wairarapa Bush * = By East Coast
*Heartland matches played between Wairarapa Bush and East Coast
3-Oct-15 East Coast 05 – 45 Wairarapa Bush
5-Oct-13 Wairarapa Bush 44 – 31 East Coast
3-Sep-11 East Coast 33 – 13 Wairarapa Bush
18-Sep-10 Wairarapa Bush 33 – 14 East Coast
12-Sep-09 East Coast 10 – 33 Wairarapa Bush
11-Oct-08 Wairarapa Bush 67 – 23 East Coast
2-Sep-06 East Coast 06 – 10 Wairarapa Bush



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