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The History of Rugby Betting – How It All Started

With the betting and gambling industries booming over the course of the unfortunate outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s a greater than ever interest in rugby betting. This information comes as no surprise since the rigorous lockdowns had people staying at home and carrying out most of their daily tasks online, including hobbies and pastimes.

As a consequence, the popularity of online gambling grew, and people started playing their favorite casino games more avidly. Parallel to the online gambling industry, the online betting industry grew as well, and people started typing in bet365 code for 2022  for the best sportsbooks available to bet on their favorite spots, team, and players.

Rugby betting is no exception to this, which is why we’ve decided to give you a brief outline of its history, and how it all began, only to go to extreme lengths in our modern, technologically advanced world. Now, rugby betting is just one click away from you, but what was it like in its infancy? Let’s see.

The roots of rugby betting

Most people believe that a Rugby school pupil, William Webb-Ellis, took part in an 1823 football match when he suddenly picked up the ball and started running with it, thus marking the creation of Rugby. Some have discredited this tale, but the first set of rules for Rugby Football wasn’t written until 1845, making William’s tale quite plausible. 

In 1895, Rugby Football split into two parts – the Northern Rugby Football Union and the rest of the Rugby Football Union. The first structure of a league was formed in 1987. When it comes to rugby betting, it didn’t follow the history of rugby from its roots. 

The first betting establishments offered viewers a chance to place wagers on rugby matches, including Over/Under betting, Prop Bets, Futures/Outright betting, and Fixed-odds betting. But betting on all rugby variants escalated with the emergence of online sportsbooks. At present, there are betting odds available online and sportsbooks where enthusiastic bettors get insights and determine their wagers.

Closing remarks

Rugby was created in the 19th century, but rugby betting commenced much later. In its infancy, rugby betting was tied to only a few betting establishments, but it was not until the emergence of online sportsbooks that Rugby betting became a popular pastime. Now, in the pandemic years, rugby betting is more popular than ever, and we can safely say that the online betting industry has never counted more bettors than in the past couple of years. 

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