New Zealand Rugby statement: NZR encourages Government to include club sport in Covid-19 guidelines review

New Zealand Rugby (NZR) has welcomed the Government’s decision to provide clarity on Covid-19 guidelines for school sport and encourages the focus to also include community sport delivered outside of the school system. NZR General Manager Community Rugby Steve Lancaster said Covid-19 has significantly impacted young people, including their ability to

Why is Rugby so Popular in New Zealand?

If you’ve ever watched rugby before, you’d soon notice that New Zealand is an absolute powerhouse in this game. The main reason is that rugby is a very important part of the Kiwi culture. That’s why betting in New Zealand is basically part of the tradition, especially when it’s rugby

Rugby betting for beginners

Rugby betting for beginners Want to start betting on rugby and add a little more fun to the games you’re already watching? It can be tough to know where to start, and what the different markets all mean. Load up a rugby betting website or app and you will probably very quickly

Why rugby fans have it best right now

 (Image via Rugby is one of the most passionately followed sports in the world, with supporters from both the northern and southern hemisphere sticking with their respective teams through thick and thin, while also helping to add to the all-round rugby package with some passionate chanting and the like. Without